Befinits of Performance Supplements


When you step into Bulldog Nutrition, you may be wondering why in the world someone would spend their money on supplements rather than simply eating more foods that contain the vitamins and minerals they are looking for. While eating whole foods is always the best choice for nutrition, sometimes you simply can’t get enough food to fulfill your dietary needs or may not have access to a certain item. This is where dietary supplements can help and make your nutrition a little easier. If you are curious or hesitant to enter the world of dietary supplements, the Bulldog Nutrition team is here to ease your mind and lay out some of the situations where utilizing nutritional supplements can be highly beneficial for your health and wellness.

Food Allergies

Allergies are nothing to scoff at, especially if certain foods can endanger your overall well-being. Lactose intolerance and milk allergies, for example, make it very difficult to incorporate essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin D into a diet. Calcium is crucial for continual bone health and is especially important for younger folks during their peak growing years. Allergies to things like peanuts, soy, and even eggs also show up from time to time. These vulnerabilities mean protein can be difficult to come by, even if you are stuffing yourself with chicken at every meal. With supplements like protein powders and calcium concentrate, you can supplement your diet and ensure you won’t suffer any setbacks in your workout or your lifestyle due to allergies.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Similar to insufficiencies suffered from food allergies, there are numerous vitamins and minerals that we don’t incorporate in a daily regimen, often because we just don’t know about them. For example, vitamin A is in numerous foods, but if you don’t eat vegetables like squash, carrots, or leafy greens, you may suffer from a deficiency in this area, which can cause things like inclination for respiratory infection, skin issues, and poor eyesight. Vitamin B12, which is different from vitamin B, is also becoming a more common deficiency in people’s diets. Vitamin B12 is crucial for quality brain function and creation of neurotransmitters. Brain health is one of the most overlooked parts of fitness and is more important in terms of health longevity. Incorporating supplements specific to these vitamins and minerals or opting for a multivitamin can bring numerous long-term benefits to your health and fitness while also making it much easier to develop a diet that works for you.

Intense Training

Bodybuilders, crossfitters, at-home athletes, and marathoners alike all have spurts of pure intensity when it comes to their workout. Whether the goal is fat loss or muscle building, excessive exercise and physical activity requires the proper fuel, which often means the best supplements for your needs. You may be thinking that with exercise and a proper diet you won’t need to supplement yourself with things like whey protein and creatine. However, almost all types of physical activity and exercise will require supplementation to obtain optimal results. For example, high-intensity weightlifters and bodybuilders are recommended to eat at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight, oftentimes closer to 1.5 grams. Without going into too much science right now, that means a 240 pound powerlifter is recommended to consume anywhere from 240-360 grams of protein per day. There isn’t enough chicken in the world to help someone eat that in food alone, so supplements like whey and casein protein can help those athletes achieve optimal results.

Whatever your health and wellness goals, Bulldog Nutrition is here to help. We have the finest selection of fat burners, protein powders, and workout supplements to ensure your performance is at its peak. Stop by one of our six Ontario locations or shop online to get the best price today!

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