MusclePharm Hardcore Gainz, 30 servings


MusclePharm Hardcore Gainz BCAA Powder To Support Muscle Building!


This isn’t your average post-workout muscle builder. This is the most advanced, harder-hitting and packed with the best ingredients - "best" meaning no BS proprietary blends. Post-Workout Gainz is the answer to getting through those grueling workouts, fueling recovery and building muscle. Push limits that would break the average person, or anybody who looks for a way out because it's too hard. Welcome to the hardcore lifestyle.


6 grams of BCCA's:
4 grams of L-Leucine, the powerhouse essential amino acid that supports muscle growth, supports muscle fatigue and stimulates protein synthesis.
1 gram of L-Isoleucine, this glycogenic amino acid creates the glucose your body burns for energy.

1 gram of L-Valine assists with protein synthesis and muscle tissue growth, while providing energy from glucose creation. It also acts as a facilitator for normal growth and a reparative agent for various tissues in the body.

2 grams of patented CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, which is clinically proven to promote the buffering of lactic acid while boosting performance and muscular endurance during high intensity exercise.

3 grams of Glutamine supports the reduction of catabolism and supports an anabolic environment minimizing muscle catabolism (breakdown) and supports a healthy immune system.

5 milligrams of BioPerine to enhance absorption of nutrients for even better results.

MusclePharm Hardcore Gainz Supplement Facts

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